Two Cats, One Dog

What is normal? Well, that depends on you. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you know when things just aren't right. Right?

Society wants us to believe that normal means we're just like everyone else, but that's rubbish. What's normal for me is not normal for you, and what's normal for you is probably not a good fit for me. We're all unique, and we all have different lives.

For me, normal had come to mean having my life dictated by mental illness. Normal was being in and out of hospital. For 12 months, normal meant that I had come to hate the things I loved.

I felt swamped and overwhelmed and couldn't cope, and I was rapidly losing my will to live. I'd forgotten what my real normal was in the chaos that was a prolonged episode of mental illness.

Two Cats One Dog is about reclaiming normality. For me that meant that I chose to reduce the role of mental illness in my life, and reclaim the art of living. It meant that I kept company with my furbabies instead of my mental illness. It meant I returned to my art and my web design and my writing. It meant that I choose what defines me, instead of allowing mental illness to define me.

Two Cats and One Dog is about providing a safe place for you to remember what your normal is, or to help a loved one to remember theirs.

Feel free to make use of the tools and resources, and don't be afraid to share your story of reclaiming your normality. Anyone in any stage of recovery is welcome here, and so are friends, loved ones, carers... it doesn't matter if you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, you have something to contribute.

And so I welcome you to Two Cats One Dog. May it be a place of warmth and support to you as you find your own normality.

Leo Snow
Founder of "Two Cats, One Dog"